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Making a success of your Website Revamp – Part 1

ChangSheng Sze Tho   18 Jan , 2015  

For many reasons today, people want to redesign their website. Whether a corporate website for their company, an online retail shop, personal website, etc. They want a new look. 

What are your reasons to redesign your current site? Could it be:

– The design looks dated [Sites that shows ‘2005 – 2009 (Company Name)’ are certainly dated]

– Your Business direction have changed

– You have new products/service and the current website backend is hard, or just impossible to update?

– Personnel who updates the site are no longer in the corporation

– You like to add a new function, probably a customised web application that could reduce a lot of paperwork, thus reducing much manual work for your team

– You have several sites under your belt and you want a common CMS system to consolidate and manage them all

– You just feel like having a brand new look on your website

The reasons above, and many others unique to you may prompt you to call up a website design company to request for a website revamp with a user friendly CMS (Content Management system)

Why will people buy from your ecommerce site?

Improve the look, not change the Entire Site

This is one of the most important point you want to seriously take note of. If your website already have a significant amount of visitors per day, and some regular visitors, you want to improve the look, but not change the entire site. Why so?

When you renovate your house, you will find the the major components of the home remains as it is. The look itself may change, but not the location. After opening the front door, there is the living room[or, homepage]. The kitchen, master bedroom, other rooms and restroom[or, sub pages] do not really change. The Colour, functions, layout, what it contains[Text/images] may change, but the main blueprint hardly change.

To make further sense, consider the ‘revamp’ of the look of the Operating Systems between Apple iOS and Windows.

Many are comfortable with switching their iPhone 3 to iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 because the main frame did not change, but the look. Even iOS7 retains its mainframe.

The main buttons remain, the home page remains. As for transistioning from Windows 7 to Windows 8, many users are frustrated with the absence of the Home Button. Some even resort to switching back to Windows 7! Whats the morale of the story here?

Improve the look, layout and user navigation. But do not change them entirely. Humans generally are creatures of habit, and you do not want them to take extra time to re-experience the whole site altogether.

So far, we have considered just 3 points. In a later post, we will consider further points on “Making a success of your Website Revamp”

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