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Why We Build Your Web Applications and Startups Using Ruby on Rails

Steven Yap   4 Nov , 2015  

Hand holding a Ruby on Rails card

People commonly asked us why we use Ruby on Rails and not other frameworks like Python Django, Java Spring, etc. Many people would expect a framework feature-by-feature comparison answer from us and sadly, we do not really provide that. What we usually share is the culture, community and thinking of the Ruby on Rails community that makes it the winning combination for web applications and startups.


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Why Startups Projects Fare Better With Agile Development

ChangSheng Sze Tho   29 Jul , 2015  

Hackaton startup

Startups survival rates are brutal, particularly in the tech sector. According to Startup Genome, a staggering 92% of startups fail within 3 years of being launched. It is important that startups do not just wait and change, but instead continuously adapt to meet ever-changing market needs.

Startups face a plethora of challenges early on, including funding, user acquisition, scaling, developing a sustainable monetisation strategy and finding the right developer and customer management. More…


Agile Process

How Project Specifications Might Jeopardise the Success of Your Software

Steven Yap   8 Mar , 2015  

project specification document

What is a project specification? It is a document that defines exactly (note the word exactly) the requirements developing a system, from beginning to the end of a project. Project specification is used in almost all web and mobile development processes. More…

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Making a success of your Website Revamp – Part 2

ChangSheng Sze Tho   12 Feb , 2015  

successful website part 2

In Part 1 of the series [Making a success of your website revamp], we listed a few points you should take note.

1) Set Clear Expectations and Objective
2) Get Feedback
3) Improve the look, not change the Entire Site

As for part 2 of the series [Making a success of your website revamp], we will touch on several points often overlook by business owners. More…

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10 important things your website should have

ChangSheng Sze Tho   2 Feb , 2015  

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It’s one thing to have a website running for your business, but it’s completely something else to have that website bringing you traffic. Online traffic is the sure way you can convert someweb users to potential clients, which means there are some certain things you need to have on your website to make it successful. We’ll proceed by looking at 10 of the most important details your website should never miss! More…

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A Great Business idea? ‘Addle’ it

ChangSheng Sze Tho   14 Jan , 2015  

startup coffee and meeting

With the ease of PIC and ICV grant, many individuals are coming out to develop business ideas.
While some individuals stick to their ideas unless they gained success, some take these grants and work on their business ideas to gain experience and learn from their findings. Your business idea might have the life in it to become a big business like Amazon or E-bay, but only the right approach can make it successful.  More…

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Digital Marketing

Building A High Conversion Rate Website

Steven Yap   22 Nov , 2014  

high conversion website

Building a high conversion rate website is a careful, well thought-out action aimed to yield a goal. I have observed that many websites online today are build to just appear online for web visitors to know they are available on the internet. More…

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