10 Ways To Increase Your Website Security

ChangSheng Sze Tho   27 Feb , 2016  

security for website

Website security is a top priority when thinking and planning on getting a website. The web as a whole is growing and as it is, so also the rates at which hackers are at work on the internet, doing what they know best; coming through the back door to breach the security of your website. More…

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Things You Need to be Mindful of Before Building a Website

ChangSheng Sze Tho   6 Jan , 2015  

website preparation

Having a website is something that virtually everyone wants to do now. This is because of the age we are into, where everything has gone electronic. Having a website like many other things starts from the mind. Many things should come to mind before building the website proper. I am going to list a few and detail on them, as the list is endless.  More…

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Improve your Web Security (Prevention and Protection)

ChangSheng Sze Tho   3 Jan , 2015  

web security

When it comes to web security there isn’t anything important than prevention. The saying goes prevention is better than cure counts multiple times more to web security as oppose to anything else. Here are few practical and highly recommended prevention tips accompanies by few protection tips that can significantly improve your overall internet security and minimize the risk of hacking.  More…