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Why having a website is not good enough

ChangSheng Sze Tho   6 Sep , 2016  

So you have a colorful website with the typography working, the best web design & colors that you love and even catchy tag line but you are making zero sales; what seems to be the problem? Well there is a difference between a good-looking website and a selling website. So here is how you can finally channel some of the huge online traffic into your website.

The secret lies on web development; starting off with a good font, colors and website designis the first phase. Now you need to get down to business and pull clients to your website; you need the right words and tools to make them stay or even want to come back again. You need to make your business profitable by linking it to traffic.

Internet traffic is what gets your business going and help you make turnover and break even. And not just any kind of traffic; you need to pull the right audience to your product or service. This means identifying the right consumer group; is it the old people or the youth? Is the male population or the female? Are you targeting the rich and wealthy or the middle income? When you identify the group you are marketing the product to, then you can easily go to the next stage below.

Use SEO!

Your biggest trick to bringing in traffic is utilizing the latest and best SEO skills. By SEO we mean search engine optimization; it refers to increasing the visibility of your webpage in search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) organic results.

So how do you modify your web content with SEO tools? Search engine optimization revolves around keywords so you need to identify the right keywords to use for your web content. Try and understand the lingo surrounding the kind of product or service you provide for your business then use those words to build site pages. You can also check Google statistics on keyword frequency or the words that get the most hits on search engines.

As you utilize SEO keywords through your content, never forget to use the keyword on the title tag. Why? Because search engines display organic results by the title first and maybe a portion of the first paragraph of the website content.

And here is another tip you need about SEO or whenever you are engaging SEO services, never try to force it into the article, it needs to blend in and feel natural through the article. Google analytics now have a way of penalizing website with bad content development like poor use of keywords. You wouldn’t want your website to be blacklisted would you?

There are a lot of ways you can start working on your SEO. You can either learn about it yourself or engage an agency for your SEO services.

Have you heard of SEM?

Besides search engine optimizing, there is search engine marketing or SEM as commonly known. It’s similar to SEO as you promote your website visibility in an online market. There are different SEM tools you can use like;

  • Adwords
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Bing ad center
  • Pay inclusions

Google is the best platform to play with Adwords; you can create your own ads then utilize the keywords you use. You will only pay Google when there are real clicks on the ads you created. This can also work in another way as Pay Per click advertising offered to random guys or webmarketers. You can offer a platform for web users to sign up and make the clicks for you as you pay them. Bing ad center is a market platform for Microsoft which you can use to make your advertising. Lastly Pay inclusion is where you pay search engines to rank you, and guarantee the best ranked website has all the popularity.

How about we market outside the web?

Offline marketing is an age old trick and it borrows heavily from conventional marketing skills. You can print ads and posters, create exhibitions or become a sponsor to a sports team (depending on how well established your business is). Other than that, you can simply use customer appreciation strategy; gifts, discounts, free delivery service and so on.

Call to actions

Traffic that starts to move into your website are wasted traffic if you do not convert them. When users of your website steps into your landing page, they need to be told what to do. Having effective ‘Calls to Action’ like offering them a free ebook if they sign up to your mailing list is a great way to build your user base and get them to understand your products better. A

Always keep analytics of how your business is doing

Tracking and analyzing your web traffic is the only way you can be sure where your SEO or SEM skills are really working. Plus you can monitor fluctuation in traffic and the group that often visit your website.

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