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Use An Agile Approach – Get Rid Of Your Inefficiencies For Gathering Software Requirements

ChangSheng Sze Tho   5 Jul , 2016  


Requirements gathering in software development often proves to be a laborious task for a business. Traditionally, most businesses made use of an employee to document software requirements. This employee spends hours to fill information into cumbersome Word documents. The belief behind this is that these documents will clearly articulate how a final product is supposed to take shape. However, this approach only leads to the creation of documents which are full of misinterpretations, inaccurate assumptions and gaps. Furthermore, the format in which documents are created are almost always difficult to comprehend.

You may argue with me saying that your organisation always ensures that documents are perfectly written. But, let me ask you a simple question – how much time does the entire documentation process take? This approach will most certainly consume a lot of effort spanning many hours. Moreover, this process hardly ever provides any real value to your business. More…


10 Ways To Increase Your Website Security

ChangSheng Sze Tho   27 Feb , 2016  

security for website

Website security is a top priority when thinking and planning on getting a website. The web as a whole is growing and as it is, so also the rates at which hackers are at work on the internet, doing what they know best; coming through the back door to breach the security of your website. More…

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Why We Build Your Web Applications and Startups Using Ruby on Rails

Steven Yap   4 Nov , 2015  

Hand holding a Ruby on Rails card

People commonly asked us why we use Ruby on Rails and not other frameworks like Python Django, Java Spring, etc. Many people would expect a framework feature-by-feature comparison answer from us and sadly, we do not really provide that. What we usually share is the culture, community and thinking of the Ruby on Rails community that makes it the winning combination for web applications and startups.


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The Importance of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Startups

ChangSheng Sze Tho   22 Oct , 2015  


When planning for development for your startup, how are you going to prioritise your development? Do it with an the intent to build a MVP. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product that has core features for early adopters and the limited group of initial users of a product. Wikipedia has a comprehensive explanation of what exactly MVP is.





5 Awesome Features OF Joomla 3!

Steven Yap   2 Mar , 2015  

Joomla 3.4 features

Joomla has been an awesome Content Management System and one of the best choices for Open Source CMS. A major upgrade from the version 2.5 to version 3.x has given Joomla a whole slew of goody features for users to enjoy. It also shows Joomla commitment to keeping itself updated with the ever-growing needs of web users and the latest trends in the web.
Here are the 5 awesome features of Joomla 3 you must know: More…

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