Ruby on Rails

The Easy Way To Write A Test Case

Steven Yap   7 Dec , 2015  


A lot of junior coders often complained to me that it is very difficult to write a test case even though they acknowledged that test cases are very important.

As most coders are not trained to write test cases, it can be a very daunting task to do for the uninitiated. In this blog post, I will present a very simple approach to writing your test cases.


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Ruby on Rails

Managing Cron Jobs with Mina and Whenever

Steven Yap   17 Nov , 2015  

Train on a rails

In this post, we discuss about the purpose of using a deployment gem like Mina and demonstrate how easy it is to customise the deployment process using Whenever (a cron job manager gem) as an example.


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Development,Ruby on Rails,Startups

Why We Build Your Web Applications and Startups Using Ruby on Rails

Steven Yap   4 Nov , 2015  

Hand holding a Ruby on Rails card

People commonly asked us why we use Ruby on Rails and not other frameworks like Python Django, Java Spring, etc. Many people would expect a framework feature-by-feature comparison answer from us and sadly, we do not really provide that. What we usually share is the culture, community and thinking of the Ruby on Rails community that makes it the winning combination for web applications and startups.


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Agile Process

How Project Specifications Might Jeopardise the Success of Your Software

Steven Yap   8 Mar , 2015  

project specification document

What is a project specification? It is a document that defines exactly (note the word exactly) the requirements developing a system, from beginning to the end of a project. Project specification is used in almost all web and mobile development processes. More…

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5 Awesome Features OF Joomla 3!

Steven Yap   2 Mar , 2015  

Joomla 3.4 features

Joomla has been an awesome Content Management System and one of the best choices for Open Source CMS. A major upgrade from the version 2.5 to version 3.x has given Joomla a whole slew of goody features for users to enjoy. It also shows Joomla commitment to keeping itself updated with the ever-growing needs of web users and the latest trends in the web.
Here are the 5 awesome features of Joomla 3 you must know: More…

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Joomla vs Magento for e-commerce website

Steven Yap   15 Dec , 2014  


Looking to setup an e-commerce website? There are numerous open-source options out in the market for you. In fact, there are TOO MANY options such that it is overwhelming. So let’s break down to a few best options for sanier consideration. More…

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Digital Marketing

How To Tell If Your SEO Vendor is Scamming You?

Steven Yap   3 Dec , 2014  

search engine optimization

SEO is search engine optimization which is the effort to rank your website high when a user is searching on the search engine (mainly just Google). Naturally, everyone wants to be ranked number one in the fastest and cheapest way, which is a trait that some SEO vendors exploit to scam customers on. To know if your SEO vendor scams you, you need to know some basic changes in the world of Google.  More…

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UX/UI Design

The Rise of Flat Design

Steven Yap   27 Nov , 2014  

flat icons

The Rise of Flat Design iOS7 is releasing soon and the most controvestial update is the change in the user interface to flat design. What is flat design and what is the commotion about it?  More…


Digital Marketing

Building A High Conversion Rate Website

Steven Yap   22 Nov , 2014  

high conversion website

Building a high conversion rate website is a careful, well thought-out action aimed to yield a goal. I have observed that many websites online today are build to just appear online for web visitors to know they are available on the internet. More…

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