UX/UI Design

The Rise of Flat Design

Steven Yap   27 Nov , 2014  

flat icons

The Rise of Flat Design iOS7 is releasing soon and the most controvestial update is the change in the user interface to flat design. What is flat design and what is the commotion about it?  More…


Digital Marketing

Building A High Conversion Rate Website

Steven Yap   22 Nov , 2014  

high conversion website

Building a high conversion rate website is a careful, well thought-out action aimed to yield a goal. I have observed that many websites online today are build to just appear online for web visitors to know they are available on the internet. More…

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UX/UI Design

Using Web Fonts for your website

ChangSheng Sze Tho   21 Nov , 2014  

web fonts

Web Fonts play several roles when it comes to display texts or content on your website. Besides making your web pages visually appealing, they add to the readability also. Many web designers have started paying a great deal of attention to these fonts, and they are always looking out for new fonts that are available online. More…

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What should you look out for in a Web Design Company?

ChangSheng Sze Tho   12 Nov , 2014  

What should you look out for in a Web Design Company?

An efficient web design firm will prove very helpful in developing a fresh website or upgrading an existing website to improve its performance. However, one must know how to choose a reliable and professional web design company for a website development project.  More…


What Colours your Website?

ChangSheng Sze Tho   5 Nov , 2014  

Color Your Website

Colours play a very important role in relation to how one feel. And that, in turn affect how you and your customers act. Ask any expert and they will tell you how important colour is for Web Design.  More…

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UX/UI Design

Responsive web design, should or should not use it

ChangSheng Sze Tho   2 Nov , 2014  

responsive web design

Have you ever opened a website from your PC then open it from your smartphone or Tablet? What did you notice? Maybe in some webpages the outlook still remained unchanged with reduced screen size while on others you got a completely different look.  More…

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